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one-of-a-kind, handmade pottery and mixed media ceramic creations

About Me

Hello, I'm Barbara Call.


I have been a professional storyteller and writer for 30+ years, and an artist my entire life. 

Many years ago I majored in Magazine Journalism and minored in Art History at Syracuse University. Since then I've been fortunate to combine my love of writing and art in several ways. 

I am the author of 7 books, including The Crafter’s Devotional (2008) and Beyond Scrapbooks (2006), and I served as Executive Editor and Publisher of Handcraft Illustrated magazine.

I have produced a wide variety of original artwork during my lifetime, from watercolors and paper collage to scrapbooks, ceramics, mixed media, jewelry, photography, and more. 

I have a life-long love of art and visual design of all forms, and I continue evolving my work and building my  knowledge by dabbling in new techniques, learning from amateur and professional artists alike, and studying varying creative endeavors, from architecture to gardening, interior design, 3D collage, digital art forms, and, of course, clay and ceramics.